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Premium Timeline

10 Hour Coverage

Designing the ideal schedule for your wedding day is like composing a symphony of cherished moments. We understand the importance of capturing every smile, which is why we're here to guide you in creating a timeline that ensures your photography and videography seamlessly intertwine with the rhythm of your celebration. 

This is only a guideline with how we start with setting up you schedule for the day. The details will change when we have done our Final Meeting.

Ashley & JP - Wedidng-553.jpg

Suggested Schedule & Order of Events

Venue & Decor

45 minutes

Exterior shots of the venue and Interior shots of the decor and other details in the reception and ceremony areas.

Groom Prep

75 minutes

Groom Preparation. Please have all details ready - shoes, cufflinks, tie, cologne, etc. Getting ready shots and portraits.

Bride Prep

90 minutes

Champagne Shots. 

Getting ready shots and portraits.


45 minutes

Walking in, ceremony, signing register, confetti

Canapes & Family Photos

45 minutes

Family Photos - Bride & Groom

Canapés & Cake Cutting

Bride BTS

30 minutes

Bride Behind The Scenes. Please have all details ready - shoes, jewellery, perfume, etc. 

Bridal Party

30 minutes

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Couple Session

60 minutes

Photo Session alone with the couple. We will scout locations when arriving on the day.

Reception Entrance

30 minutes

Couple walking in at reception & welcome.

Speeches & Formalities

120 minutes

Reception Formalities - Speeches, Traditions, Dances, Party

Total Coverage

10 hours 

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