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Frequently Asked Questions

As you embark on the journey of capturing your most treasured moments, questions may naturally arise. Our FAQ section is here to provide you with clarity, shedding light on everything from the booking process to the final edited images. This will guide you through the intricate landscape of wedding photography and videography with George & Co.

What will the wedding timeline look like?

Every wedding is different, but it helps to have a timeline to guide the day. You can follow the links below to see how a standard timeline will run - make sure you view the timeline for the package you have booked!

When should we schedule our Engagement Session?

You can schedule your Engagement Session whenever you like! Keep in mind the season will have an effect on certain locations as well the time of Golden Hour (the best time for photos!). 

What's the timeline for receiving our photos and videos?

Post-production is an art that takes time. Quality is our priority, and the wait will be worth it!

Engagement Session : 3-4 weeks

Wedding Preview Photos : 24 hours

Wedding Package : 12 weeks

Can we provide a shot list for the wedding day?

Absolutely! While we're skilled at capturing candid moments, if you have specific shots or groupings you'd like, feel free to share your shot list. We will discuss these during the final meeting.

Will you be directing us for poses on our wedding day?

Yes, we'll provide gentle guidance to help you feel comfortable and look your best. Our goal is to capture authentic moments while enhancing them with a touch of artistic direction.

Can we share our edited photos and videos on social media?

Absolutely! We'll provide you with high-resolution images and the Preview & Trailer videos have licensed music so that you're free to share on your social media platforms. Your happiness is our greatest reward.

On that note - we do not share any RAW photos or videos.

How do we order albums?

Once you receive your final package, we'll guide you through the process of ordering albums to beautifully showcase your memories.

Do you do Boudoir Sessions?

Yes we do! Send an email to for more info regarding these sessions.

What happens if there's bad weather on our wedding day?

Don't worry, we're adaptable! We'll work with you to find alternative indoor locations or creative solutions to capture stunning shots even if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Will you need a shot list for family and group photos?

Yes, a shot list for family and group photos is incredibly helpful. We'll work together to create a detailed list that ensures no important family member or group is left out. We will send you an easy online list to complete leading up to the Final Meeting.

How do you handle unexpected changes or delays on the wedding day?

We're adaptable and experienced in handling unexpected changes. We'll work closely with your coordinator and other vendors to ensure a smooth flow, even if the schedule shifts a bit. As much as we we will help keep the day on track, we are limited with what you want to do as a couple. 

What should we do if we're feeling camera-shy or nervous about posing?

It's completely normal to feel a bit camera-shy. Our team is skilled in creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. We'll guide you through natural and authentic poses that reflect your personalities, capturing your genuine emotions.

Should we provide you with a meal?

Capturing your wedding day involves a lot of running around and managing emotions - we appreciate that you will provide us with a meal and somewhere to sit and catch our breath. We don't mind sitting at a guest table or with the other suppliers. 

How many camera operators will be there on the day?

This depends on the package you have booked - refer back to your contract for more details regarding what is included in the package you have booked.

Can we upgrade our package? 

Absolutely! You can upgrade your package at any time, as long as it's at least one month before the wedding so that we can make the necessary arrangements. 

The same goes for any Optional Extras - we need to know by the time we have our Final Meeting if you want to add anything (i.e. extra hours, video edits, etc.)

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver extra items if asked on or after the wedding day.

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